Digestive Issues

Bloating, indigestion and heartburn – when it comes to tummy troubles it seems that the vast majority of UK consumers experience these ailments. New research from Mintel, published in June 2016 reveals that as many as 86% of all British adults have suffered some form of digestive issues in the past year.

There are many causes of this from a bad diet to food intolerance. Stress is seen as the most likely contributing factor, with some 30% of adults experiencing issues in the last 12 months. The next most likely culprit is poor diet (26%), followed by lack of sleep (17%). Meanwhile, alcohol consumption (14%) and viruses (14%) make up the remaining top five factors.

At Live Life in Balance we’ll help you identify and banish your digestive demons and have a wide range of tools to do so. We may recommend certain foods, suggest removing certain foods or even look at reducing your stress levels—either way, we’ll help your tummy get back on top form!

We can help relieve…

Irritable Bowel Syndrome



Celiac Disease



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