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All good and bad health comes back to the cells of the body – all 75 trillion of them!

To be healthy and happy each cell (and therefore, each and every one of us!) needs good quality hydration, ideally filtered water, a diet that is rich in nutrients and full of clean wholefoods, a regular amount of time in bright clear sunshine (where available!) and fresh air, plenty of movement, be it gentle walking, dancing round the kitchen or a more energetic sport and an ability to relax and rest and have a sense of purpose in life.

As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Pip can help with a variety of health problems from digestive issues, allergies, stress management, insomnia, and weight loss. Be that meal planning, help with sugar cravings, increasing your quota of fruit and veg, figuring out possible food intolerances and working out possible strategies to help; a regime to help sleep patterns; or a way to deal the stresses of every day life.

As a naturopathic practitioner all methods are based on going back to nature with whole foods and appropriate supplementation – no quick fixes that end up with you losing weight only to put it all and more back on. The philosophy is putting good things into your diet rather than banning foods, making you feel miserable and starved. As the average will power only lasts for 15 minutes, this sort of dieting is destined to fail! Whereas developing a healthy lifestyle and changing your attitude to food, stress, exercise and sleeping can make permeant improvements to every aspect of your life. At Live Life in Balance, we can help you to be healthy, happy and feel good.

We can help you relieve…

Digestive Issues

Sleep Issues

Heart Issues

Stress Issues

Life Coaching

Respiratory Issues

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